Glossary / General Concept explanations

General Vehicle Type Approval

An ABE (general vehicle type approval) indicates that the concerned vehicle part, in area of application of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO,) can be built in all vehicles which are listed in the ABE. The registration into the vehicle documents is not compelling requirrf. Rather it is arranged in the ABE. If there is an available ABE we recommend reading it attentively to make sure that all conditions for installation are satisfied. As a rule the ABE has to be carried in the car and if demanded the ABE has to be submitted.

E approval mark / E tested

ECE-Regulation allowed parts are marked with a circle. This circle contains an E and a number (e.g. E1 for allowed in Germany), followed by an R and the relevant regulation (e.g. R103 for catalysts) and the permit number. They can be built in within Europe without registration in all listed vehicles in application area of license. In addition the application area has to be apparent for the end user (e.g. in terms of an online catalog). An installation approval or registration in the vehicle papers is not required. To carry the ECE homologation is not necessary. The approval number, which is permanently marked on the product, is sufficient.

Product type approval (according to §19 (3) of the German StVZO)

A product type approval indicates that the tuning part complies with the general safety requirements in relation to the specific vehicle. Correct installation must be checked by an official testing facility in order to obtain the vehicle type approval. You will then be informed whether the vehicle modification needs to be registered with the Ministry of Transportation or if you just need to carry the product type approval with you.

Individual Type Approval (according to §21 of the German StVZO)

Within scope of an operating licence an authorized appraiser can record after German §21 StVZO tuning parts into the vehicle documents. In addition he has to assert in the best of technical discretion that also after the installation into the car at the time of day of the first licence fulfilling the licence regulations. This counts in particular for exhaust and noise behavior and for safety of vehicles. Here it is helpful if technical documents are available, which are showing the function, the effectiveness and the security of the part which has to be registered and described. For any installation of exhaust systems out of the applicable range please note that the indicated Euro norms are to be understood as a recommendation and help for system lay out only. You are responsible for the adaptation and installation of the catalytic converters.

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