HJS Motorsport catalytic converters with 100 cpsi

HJS offers a universal, non-controlled catalytic converter system with 100 cpsi for motorsport applications. A suitable catalytic converter with a specifically adapted catalyst volume is available for each of the different cubic capacity classes of racing vehicles. A cubic capacity factor (e.g. for turbocharging) does not need to be taken into consideration for the design (size) of the catalyst.

CUP - Catalysts

HJS has developed a low-cost alternative for all production-based motorsport vehicles and for all applications in which the exhaust temperature does not exceed 950 C

PE - Catalysts

HJS Motorsport PE catalysts weigh 30% less than conventional Cup catalysts

UL - Catalysts

With the new, ultra-light matrix, it is possible to reduce the overall weight of HJS PE catalysts by a further 50%

Catalyst Muffler Systems

HJS’s integral catalyst/silencer systemoffers many advantages. The compact construction allows installation also in vehicles with low ground clearance

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All HJS Motorsport catalytic converters are DMSB homologated. The DMSB homologation is 100% recognized by the FIA. HJS only delivers copies of the DMSB homologations. The "authentic copies" required for FIA events can be ordered directly from HJS by stating the homologation number.

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