HJS-Nr. 90 82 1185
Ø 76mm Downpipe + OPF


  • ECE R103 tested
  • 200 cpsi stainless steel catalyst
  • 200 cpsi ceramik tuning OPF
  • Performance Optimization
  • Sporty Sound
  • Plug & Play
  • Thermal Relief of the turbocharger
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Range of application

ManufacturerModel SeriesModelTypeltr.kwEngine TypeExhaust Norm
AUDIA3A3 IV 40 TFSI 2.0 quattroGY2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
AUDIQ2Q2 40 TFSI 2.0 quattroGA2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
AUDIS3A3 IV 53 S3 TFSI 2.0 QuattroGY2.0228DNFBEuro 6d
AUDISQ2SQ2 2.0 TFSI quattroGA2.0221DNFCEuro 6d
AUDITT STT S III 2.0 TFSI 16V quattro8J2.0235DNFDEuro 6d
AUDITTTT III 45 2.0 TFSI quattro8J2.0180DNPAEuro 6d
CUPRA / SEATAtecaCupra Ateca 2.0 TSI 4Drive5FP2.0221DNFCEuro 6d
CUPRA / SEATFormentorFormentor 2.0 TSI 4DriveKM2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
CUPRA / SEATFormentorFormentor VZ 2.0 TFSI 4Drive OPFKM2.0228DNFBEuro 6d
CUPRA / SEATLeonLeon IV ST 2.0 TFSI 4DriveKL2.0228DNFBEuro 6d
AtecaAteca 2.0 TSI 4Drive5FP2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
SKODAKaroqKaroq 2.0 TFSI 4x4NU2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
SKODAKodiaqKodiaq 4x4NS2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
SKODAKodiaqKodiaq RS 4x4NS2.0180DNPAEuro 6d
SKODAOctaviaOctavia IV 2.0 TFSI 4x4NX2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
SKODASuperbSuperb III 2.0 TFSI 4x4 OPF3T2.0206DNFEEuro 6d
VWArteonArteon R 2.0 l TSI OPF 4Motion3H2.0235DNFGEuro 6d
VWGolfGolf VIII 2.0 R TSI 4MotionCD2.0235DNFGEuro 6d
VWGolfGolf VIII 2.0 TSI 4MotionCD2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
VWGolfGolf VIII Variant 4MotionCD2.0140DNNAEuro 6d
VWPassatPassat 2.0 TSI 4Motion3C2.0206DNFEEuro 6d
VWT-RocT-Roc 2.0 TFSI-R 4MotionA12.0221DNFCEuro 6d
VWT-RocT-Roc 2.0 TSFI 4MotionA12.0140DNNAEuro 6d
VWTiguanTiguan II R 2.0 TSI 4Motion5N2.0235DNFGEuro 6d

Installation instructions

Installation instructions & Field of application will follow

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